Suresh is another member of the Blackwood Tennis Professional team. He has worked in the field for over 38 years, and the creativity he acquired through his educational experience allows him to illuminate different paths to achieve end goals. Suresh believes that the skills acquired in the game carry over off the court. He is most passionate about working and training with individuals who want to improve, grow, and enjoy life as a whole. Suresh feels most accomplished when he can teach life skills and wellness through sport. The biggest compliments he receives are in the form of clients-turned-friends and sincere marketing advocates. He is surprisingly adept at bringing out each individuals’ inner potential, and is constantly thanked for his honest analysis and constructive feedback. Although he can say it like it is, he repeatedly helps his clients overcome self-doubt and fear of failure. Personally, Suresh has a passion for travel, making him a well-experienced communicator. He loves to work with anyone who has the willingness to change themselves and encourages anyone who wants to experience personal growth to reach out and connect with him.