Our Management Philosophy

The goal at Blackwood Tennis is to provide the highest quality of customer service in the areas of management, coaching, and tournament events. Nick Blackwood is the founder of Blackwood Management, LLC, and created the company dedicated to specialization in management of tennis functions, event organization, and consulting services. Blackwood Tennis provides services to a range of customers, including tennis facilities, clubs, organizations, professionals and players. Nick taught tennis professionally for the past twenty-six years, while also serving as the Director of Tennis for The Breakers West Country Club and the Junior Tennis Director for The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.
Nick’s extensive career experience delivers strong revenue generation for Blackwood Tennis managed properties. Additionally, it has earned him a positive reputation for his ability to work with players of all levels, from young children to professionals. He has watched the journeys of many athletes, coaching them from their beginning stages to collegiate careers. Nick can take junior and adult teams to their various desired goals, as well as work with professional tennis players on tour. He is known for his knowledge of the game, as well as his personal approach to teaching. At Blackwood Tennis, Nick has trained his team to follow this model and provide the highest quality of tennis instruction. For more, please see Our Coaching Philosophy.