Manuel Ramirez, Blackwood’s Facility Support Coordinator, is among the hardest-working and most dedicated members of our team. Before relocating to the United States from Cuba, he spent his time establishing himself as a creative leader and artistic innovator. He gained experience working under pressure, as well as fostering discipline, dedication, and patience. At Blackwood Tennis, Manuel maintains a goal of delivering high-integrity work ethic, and it certainly does not go unnoticed by his peers. Paid or unpaid, he always endeavors to help and support his team. Manuel loves to surprise his customers by anticipating their needs, and the happy faces seen on the court provide proof of how he good he is at his job. He is constantly solving problems, preparing courts for customers, and always making himself available for unforeseen challenges. He believes all his clients deserve the same attention, and passionately works for the enjoyment of others. Manuel is proud of all that he has learned and accomplished through his transition, and in his personal life, values spending time with family.