Blackwood Tennis is lucky to have Fernando Carballo, Tennis Professional, as a part of our team. He’s in
love with the game of tennis both professionally and personally, and it brings him joy to either play or
coach. In fact, he loves coaching and training players at our resort so much that he’d do it for free, if
necessary. He has a wealth of experience, and has been teaching tennis since he was only 20 years old,
giving him over 30+ years in the industry. Fernando values finding opportunities where his clients can
benefit from his advice, and then giving them the tools to help make those goals a reality. He regularly
receives compliments on his ability to pinpoint these areas of improvement as well as his capacity for
bettering strokes and adding consistency to player’s games. Both kids and adults alike stand to benefit
from his coaching due to his wide expanse of knowledge – from the eastern forehand to the full
western. Everyone is unique, and Fernando relishes in figuring out which technique will best suit each
individual client, in the short and long term. His personal experience in operation and sales has made
him business savvy, but the skills he learned in tennis translate to great managerial ability off the court.
In his personal life, Fernando is a family man, and incredibly passionate about his son. He also enjoys
working on cars in his spare time.