is another treasured member of the Blackwood Tennis team
who’s been playing tennis since the age of six. Although he’s been playing the game for virtually his
whole life, he began pursuing a career in tennis as of 2014. His role in our organization is to make sure
all of our guests have the very best experience with Blackwood Tennis. During his day to day work, he
consistently solves problems for our clients, including helping them set up lessons or enter into one of
our clinics led by pros. His main objective is to oversee our Tennis Game Matching Services for our resort
guests. Behind the scenes, Andy helps out with pro shop operations, facility support, and the
maintenance of our racquets, making sure strings and grips are in tip-top condition. He enjoys receiving
compliments on his customer service, and ensuring the customers that he’ll do whatever it takes to keep
them happy. At work, he loves connecting with anyone who’s friendly, outgoing, and positive. Andy has
passions outside of work, as well. He’s been making music since 1993, and took music classes in college.
His education led to one of his biggest accomplishments: DJ’ing at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival,
one of the biggest electronic festivals in the US. He’d continue to make music, photography, and video
edits, even if it were for free. Check him out on SoundCloud or MixCloud